July 2015

7-12-15 am sermon By Faith Noah

VBS 2015 Cornelius

VBS 2015 Conversion of Saul (Paul)

7-5-15 am sermon – If the Foundations crumble

June 2015

6-28-15 am sermon Don’t argue with Jesus

6-28-15 am sermon Why be a Christian?

6-28-15 pm sermon How did Joshua and Caleb remain faithful?

Summer Series – Jerry Grammar

6-21-15 pm sermon I-O-U

6-17-15 Summer Series Ben Wright, West Walker Church of Christ

6-14-15 pm sermon – Pretending just won’t do.

6-14-15 am sermon – What if Jesus had never come?

June series – Greg Lowery, Brillant Church of Christ

In Remembrance of Me -Part 2

In Remembrance of Me – Part 1